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Tax & Accounting Advisory

“The more knowledge and rights you assert, the better of you will be”

You can get benefits of our tax and accounting advisory services for minimizing your tax risks and settling tax conflicts and disputes on;

• The Turkish tax legislation, social security and employment legislation,
• Developing accounting plan, and international reporting (IFRS, GAAP and others)
• Update tax info-notes to inform your accounting department,
• Questions may arise from your daily operations or investment policies or exporting,
• Review of the agreement in terms of tax burden before signature,
• Training your employees on relevant issues,
• Solutions for tax conflict cases with the tax inspectors and the tax authority,
• Tax conciliation, and applying to the tax court,
• Specific issues such as mergers and acquisition, fusion, participation policy, international income, transfer pricing, investment, tax, export incentives

GRANIT is proud of not experiencing of any reject case for the resolutions produced by any local tax court or High Court in Turkey.


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