About Us

About Us

Witnessed the gap of understandings, approaches and expectations among investors and service providers in the market, GRANIT Sworn-in CPA or GRANIT Consulting established in 1997 to deliver innovative, high quality of tailored financial risk assessment, planning and management services with top qualified multi-functional professionals, local knowledge, skills and expertise, perfect market and public sector reputation, and strong market position.

Our mission is to support multinationals, growing businesses, and public sector by performing excellent and reliable tailor-made services at international standards. Our vision is to become one of the leading consulting firms adding value to the businesses in the market Our bilingual and multifunctional-partners with excellent track records are not only dedicated to apply combined economic, finance, tax, customs and commercial code principals to private sector and multinational challenges, but also managed, recommended, designed, developed, implemented and audited policies and transactions of governmental bodies as high level former bureaucrats. GRANIT Sworn in CPA challenges and mainly delivers services by partners, but never by solely “smart” staff.

All partners, and many associates and professionals of GRANIT Consulting are former senior government officials with years of experience and excellent track record in responding to the demands of government executives. As a result, they bring to any project an understanding of the types of questions that government officials want addressed; effective ways of analyzing and presenting results given these concerns; and a special sensitivity to the needs of government analysts as well as private companies.


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