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International Taxation

Considering different business scenarios of which pros and cons envisaged by the companies, GRANIT Sworn-in CPA prepares lay-outs of a typical transaction based on the nature of transactions and the business forms, order flows, invoice and document flows as well as flows of goods, cash and documents/invoices. Then, provides details for the reporting and filing requirements for all applicable taxes with more focus on the Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Special Consumption Tax, procedures of profit repatriation, transfer pricing and thin capital requirements, intangibles, and pevention of double taxation via bilateral treaties, etc.

GRANIT Sworn-in CPA offers multinationals integrated local and international taxation services mainly consist of;

- Implementation of tax treaties and prevention of double taxation, including BEPS

- Transfer pricing documentation services

- Taxation of digital economy and blockchain solutions

- Tax dispute prevention and resolution services enriched with worldwide international taxation and arbitration cases, tax treaties, transfer pricing cases and court rule

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