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Tax Audit And Certification

GRANIT's tax certification services include performing a tax audit, tax calculation, certification of tax returns and reporting for not only tax compliance but also correction of erroneous tax implementation.

According to the Law No: 3568, tax certification is mandatory so that tax payers having tax certification services from a Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant (YMM), are considered as having been inspected by the tax authority, unless there is a considerable claim for erroneous practices their legal books are not audited by the tax authority.

Where an audit is required for reliability accounts, reality of operations, legality and regularity of transactions or fraud case, GRANIT's approach is designed to add value to our clients businesses and produce positive benefits from our procedures.

GRANIT also renders audit & reporting services in accordance with the international standards, IFRS/IAS or local GAAP for consolidation purpose. Independent audit is mandatory for the listed companies and companies operating in the capital markets, banks and insurance producers in Turkey. Obligatory audit must be performed by licensed independent auditing companies